The latest Apple phone has been launched and I can tell you that although it looks trendy and smart and probably does lots of things at the touch of some app or another, I will stick to my BlackBerry thank you. You think that I am completely mad do you; well let me tell you why I prefer my Blackberry.

I like the speed of the email, it uses a push service which means that my mail comes straight to me and I do not have to poll for it when I want to check to see if anything important has arrived when I am out of my office. I find that it is simple to use, perfect for dummies like me, in fact my friends call it my “dumbphone” that does not worry me one little bit.

The security is another issue and although I have to insert a password to access, it is better than the face recognition thing, which frankly is not all that secure if someone has a head shape and size similar to you.

I much prefer the BlackBerry keyboard to the touch screen facility, which although it is impressive sometimes they are not always responsive, it depends on how hard you touch the screen. I can type a message or email really quickly on the blackberry. I also like the BlackBerry messenger and find that the platform of the BlackBerry secure, so I shall stick with my “dumbphone” thank you even if my younger friends think I am still in the age of the telegram!

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One Response to Why I love my BlackBerry

  1. Donna says:

    You made me laugh with your post, you’re very good writing. I agree in some parts and I don’t in some others.
    I used to have a blackberry and changed to iphone about 6 months ago and in general I’m happier. I also think the keyboard being touch is not the best, I prefer the blackberry keyboard but when it comes to the email stuff you can also have you email delivered directly to you instead of having to check all the time if anything new has arrived.
    And the blackberry messenger is also one thing I miss but with the whatsapp instead I don’t miss it that much anymore. You should try iphone and see the difference of quality I assure you you will be happier. Iphone has very good quality applications.

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