As a member of the House of Lords, oh now come on Likely, you know that is not true so just get on with it. Sorry, I was trying to give the impression that I was terribly hurt that so few people turned out to vote in both the council and the European elections.

This year the turnout for the election to the European parliament was up on previous years, in fact it was the highest we have had, but even so it was only 43% which means that almost 6 out of every ten people eligible to vote did not bother. However I have to say that this was better than the last time when only just over 30% of us voted, was this the “Mr Farage” effect I wonder? I know that the district council election turnout which took place also shows a worse turn out than Europe, strange people us Brits are don’t you think, we live in a true democracy and I feel at times that we just don’t appreciate it.

I suppose when talking to people I get the impression “why bother” the council and European parliament has no powers anyway, and I feel that the latter has a ring of truth in it.  You see, unless I am mistaken, the European budget has not been signed off for years, but no one seems to care, perhaps it is time for the whole system to be overhauled, and the European parliament be given some teeth, but you know our councils do directly affect the way we live in our towns and cities after all.

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