For those ardent followers of my writings, you will recall that I told you about a new app that I had just downloaded to my iPhone called Send My Bag and until just recently I had not used it. I have of course used the company on a number of occasions, such as my trip to Malaga with my two “ankle biters” kids to the uninitiated. It was a total success for us and it took all the hassle out of the trip and we could use our normal budget airline without the fear of excess charges for baggage.

Well this time it is a “lads” getaway and four of us are going to the Costa del Sol for a golfing few days away. So using my iPhone SendMyBag app I was able to arrange for the four sets of golf clubs to be collected from the doors of my friends and myself and delivered to the hotel where we are going to stay for the time we are there. I have also arranged with the company for the bags to be collected when we finally have to return.

So we are nearly ready for the “off” and with my sticky little hands clutching the Eros, we will soon be on our way. Want to join me next time; don’t forget the iPhone app though?


Image: Visit Abu Dhabi


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