So it’s all over as far as the World Cup is concerned and the Tour de France has left our shores for its long weary march around France to a conclusion in Paris on Sunday 27th July. Wimbledon was graced with some lovely weather and a final which will go down as one out of many that can be described as the best.

This brings me onto the scenes of the Royal Box and one celebrity that the cameras managed to capture and show on our screen numerous times, Victoria Beckham. Never once did we see her wince, grimace or attempt to show any emotion or smile. Even when Federer fought his way back, taking the match to a fifth set to rapturous cheers from the crowded centre court and outside on the “hill”.

Showing not the least tiny piece of passion, she sat through the close on four hours of gripping tennis, simply pouting, in complete contrast to her husband David and the Duchess of Cambridge who smiled, showed emotion and delight at the match.

As someone commented “her life is one big selfie and come hell or high water she is not going to change, even her stance is described as the “Vogue” pose, pelvis jutting out and her hand on hip”. I can just imagine her doing that in a fire drill or at the scene of an accident.

I think that it is a pity really, as when she has been caught unawares with the kids, she has a lovely sweet smile.

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