Oh I am on my “high horse” now dear readers; I have just read about the proposals to increase fines on the favourite “milch cow” for successive governments, the dear old motorist. They are now talking about quadrupling fines for offences such as a £10,000 fine for speeding on the motorway. Well if they did try to and actually catch all the motorists exceeding the speed limit, it could clear the National Debt in a couple of weeks!

If you had travelled down any motorway in this country over the last few years as I have done on many occasions, drive at seventy miles an hour on the inside lane and you will be sandwiched neatly between two monster trucks. Moving into the centre lane and travelling at the legal limit and you will be flashed, hooted and gestured at. They really have to be joking don’t they?

Our motorways are amongst, if not, the safest in the world; just what are they hoping to gain from introducing draconian fines, not just on motorways, but a host of other “offences” also. I certainly do not in any way condone excessive speeding, but fines have to be proportionate to the offence and one has to question whether increasing the fines four-fold is proportionate, and it probably is not, or is it just another nice little earner?


Image: Bob McCaffery


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