I ride my bicycle a lot, never in town though, far too dangerous as far as I am concerned and I must confess hear and now that I do not wear the helmet that seems obligatory by many cyclists that I encounter on the road. I can hear you all now, you are a fool Likely you cry, but am I?

Well not according to an eminent neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, who has said that in his opinion they are a complete waste of time. He rides a bike and has said that he never ever wears one, claiming that in countries where the helmet is a compulsory item, there has been no reduction in injuries involving cyclists at all.

The trend towards wearing helmets for cyclists really took off in 1989 when Tour de France winner Greg Lemond wore a Giro helmet in his successful ride in taking his second Tour success. In 1999 wearing of helmets became compulsory here in Britain during competition events.

I suppose that like everything there is always a series of tests that will prove and disprove whether they are safer, but I’ve certainly been thinking seriously about it and my conclusion is, well why take a chance, they may just help, who knows. So I may take a trip down to the bike shop and take a look. Do you wear a helmet; it would be interesting to hear from my readers.


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