I have to say I have never thought a lot about the logistics of running a World tennis tournament like the Wimbledon Championship, but recently I have had the chance to get an insight into some of the preparations that are ongoing, this year and every year.

Pigeons are everywhere of course and they are scavengers, but the simply love seed and the grass seed at Wimbledon is apparently very tasty to them, so what can be done? Well they have a delightful Harris Hawk called Rufus that is employed all year round to fly around the grounds ensuring that the pigeons know it is dangerous for them, naturally they keep clear. The Harris Hawk is a pretty deadly weapon to pigeons and they only fly it during the tournament when the crowds are not there.

Grooming is important for both the men as well as the women players and a hairdresser is employed during the tournament to tend to the wishes of the player and importantly and I shall look out for this, all the ball girls that form the guard of honour at the closing of the tournament have French braids when they meet a member of the Royal party.

You cannot play tennis without balls and around 50, 000 are used during the tournament, all of them exactly the same. In case you may wonder what happens to the balls used during a match, an average of 30, they are sold off to the public for a fiver for a couple of cans, not bad as they cost about the same for one can in the shops. So will Andy Murray repeat his success of last year, I’ll be watching will you?

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