Don’t you just love summer, not only for the sunshine and we are having more than our usually share this year, but summer sport, to me anyway, is so special.

Now I have to confess that I am a rugby man and I have to say that I have spent my fair share of time wrapped up standing on touchlines, long after I gave up playing. But, on really cold days you sometimes wonder what you are doing there, the clubhouse afterward makes up for it though!

Well this summer has been a good one for sport, we had the world cup, although very little to cheer at from an England pint of view. Cricket is another of my long time favourites, lazy days on the boundary, quaffing a pint and hearing the crack of leather on willow. Again we have not had a lot to shout about, but the cricket has been good.

The Royal Liverpool club at Hoylake was the host to this year’s open and what an open it was too. Our own, or should I sat Northern Ireland’s own Rory McIlroy landed the old Claret Jug with a very impressive four rounds of golf, he is sure to be destined for great things and remember is only 25 years old. His dad will be mighty pleased as well. Ten years ago he placed a £40 bet at 50 to 1 that his son Rory would be open champion before he was 26 years old, did it dad, with a year to spare! He earned himself a nice little £975,000 for his four days work, plus some juicy sponsorship deals I imagine.

Yes don’t you just love the sport in summer, let us hope that we begin to do a bit better at the cricket though!

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