Now I know it’s not going to happen, not in a million years, but if we all ditched the school run the savings to parents would be eye watering. I have been reading that the average saving to parents who take part in the daily commute to school a couple of times a day would be a nice little sum of £642 a year, taken overall, it amounts to around £2billion!

Now I cycled to school and so did my kids so why is it that the modern parent seems to insist that the offspring are driven in comfort there and back each day? These figures were brought to my attention by an organisation called Sustrans, which is a British charity that is working on projects to encourage people to walk, cycle, and use public transport to give people the choice of “travelling in ways that benefit their health and the environment. I have to agree with the comment that was made by Claire Francis their head of campaigns who said: “There are massive financial and health benefits to both children and parents in choosing to cycle, scoot or walk to school, instead of drive.”

Personally I lay the blame at the door of certain newspapers that sensationalise every child that goes missing. Now I am fully aware that these are tragic and my heart goes out to them, but people now believe that their child is going to be snatched the very moment they walk or cycle to school. Not so, the statistics clearly show that you are more likely to win the National Lottery and that has odds of more than fourteen million to one.

Just a thought folks, what is your take on this?

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