I suppose we have all seen countdown at some time, the channel 4 game show that at one time featured Carol Vorderman who could do mathematics in her head in the same easy way as Desperate Dan could eat cow pies!

Well it seems that she is going to venture on an entirely different sort of challenge, flying around the world solo in a light aircraft. Ms Vorderman is now a fully-fledged pilot having obtained her private pilot’s licence only seven months ago, but has logged 200 hours of flight time. However she has one more hurdle to cross before she embarks on this monumental journey, she has to get a further addition to her licence which will allow her to fly in cloud it is called an IMC or Instrument Meteorological Conditions flying on instruments alone. This part of her licence she is apparently due to take shortly.

Now although she will be flying the aircraft alone, she will have company in the form of a boyfriend, former Red Arrows pilot Graham Duff, who will be following on behind her, so I have to say with that sort of back up I don’t think it comes much better!

Well it’s one heck of a long way around the world, around 29,000 miles so I understand and you really have to admire her for undertaking it, I have to confess that I am somewhat envious of her and wish that it was me, one problem I don’t have a pilot licence!

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