Seventy long years have passed since an audacious plan was launched in an attempt to shorten the Second World War but many months by capturing a number of bridges and significantly the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem in Holland. This was a plan that was hatched by famous General Field Marshal Montgomery, the aim of which was to by-pass the heavily defended German Lines, which were referred to as the “Siegfried” line and enable Allied forces to descend quickly onto Berlin, the German capital.

Well I have to say it is very sad indeed that it proved to be a “Bridge Too Far” and although it was held heroically by British paratroopers for four days until they ran out of water as well as ammunition. Only the 2nd Parachute Battalion, under Lt Col John Frost, succeeded in reaching the road bridge. I find it very sad that it cost a lot of lives, British as well as the gallant Dutch who hid soldiers and many of these brave people paid with their own lives.

I suppose there can be still a few people that remember the action that took place, but we should all remember as the anniversaries of these events come around. As for Arnhem itself, it has been rebuilt and the Bridge has also been rebuilt and renamed John Frost Bridge in honour of not just the man who led the 2nd para, but all the people who gave their lives.

Arnhem bridge

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